We create experiential solutions that have broad applications. From live and digital performances to corporate spaces, art exhibits and pop-up stores, we design engaging worlds that awaken the senses, strengthen connections and accelerate our partners’ goals.

Our Commitment to

Growth Starts with

Emotional Connections



Emotional Connection
Brand Favorability
Brand Action
Growth starts with emotional connections

Diverse Expertise Creates

Diverse Expertise


Diverse Worlds

We’ve bought together industry veterans with deep creative, business and technology expertise to connect seemingly independent principles under a unique, seamless, superbly orchestrated brand experience. We use them strategically to build multisensory experiences across business lines and sectors.


SenseOS is our operating system, the methodology our team employs to create emotional connections.

Challenge Opportunity
Go/ No go
Go/ No go
Touchpoint Mapping
Emotional Triggers
Go/ No go
Go/ No go
Outcome Assessment
Go/ No go
Go/ No go

Swifts alter the shape and area of their wings to increase their efficiency and maneuverability at various speeds.

Build experiences that engage and foster connection. Dive into our worlds, connect with our designers and experience what our studio can do for you and those you touch. Contact Us →

Our Methodology

Works for ...


Senseos creates extraordinary journeys of taste, scent, touch, soundscapes and spectacular sights. We design immersive experiences that transport audiences into magical, responsive worlds, where stories and visceral performances come to life.

From the early stages of themed-world conception and design to production, deployment and maintenance, our multidisciplinary team can do it all.


Senseos revolutionizes advertising by aligning conceptual storytelling with a brand’s higher ideal through interactive experiences that imprint onto memory. We join these experiences with individual-level user data to amplify storytelling, inviting consumers to inform and personalize the story in ways that forge stronger bonds with each brand.

We work with future-thinking partners who champion social responsibility and are looking for extraordinary opportunities to connect with consumers on a deep, emotional level.


Senseos applies our research, design and development of art and visitor experiences to corporate settings. We partner with visionary decision-makers to build experiences within their organizations that engage their employees and clients on an authentic, human level.

We consider existing operational protocols, then reimagine and design user-centric journeys that foster connections and improve well-being and satisfaction, thereby boosting workplace productivity.

Hospitality is Foundational

to Experience Design

Through our partnership with our sister company, August Point Advisors, the management consultancy serving the food and beverage ecosystem, we infuse the core tenets of hospitality in everything we do.

Senseos’ integrated approach to experience design combines the art, science and operational mechanics of hospitality with marketing strategy to build memorable experiences for clients across industries. From an idea’s genesis to a project’s completion, we carefully curate the touchpoints that consumers will encounter throughout their journey with our client’s brands by producing moments that inspire positive action and create indelible memories.